Man’s Downfall

2Chron 9, 1 Kings 10-11 God had blessed Solomon with great wisdom, power, and plenty. The fruit of that was broadcasted across the nations until the Queen of Sheba decided to find for herself if all she heard was true. As we say, she was flabbergasted because all she heard was true and beyond what she had heard. How would you respond if someone heard you were wise and wealthy and came to see if the story was true? God allowed this to test Solomon’s heart; would it remain true?

We are wealthy beyond words because of Jesus Christ’s gift of salvation to us. When others see and hear our testimony, what do they say? Do they give God praise as the Queen of Sheba did for God in the life of Solomon? In Solomon’s case, pride led to Solomon’s fall. His wisdom and wealth did not carry him to his death, and it may do the same for us IF we are not careful to stay faithful to God.

Today as you read this tale of woe, put yourself in Solomon’s shoes for a moment and ask; is my testimony solid and sure? Do I wholly follow the Lord? Where have I allowed this world’s gods to corrupt me so that others would turn from God rather than to God?

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