Striving is like hitting potholes…

Prov 30 There is never just one pothole; they seem to go on over and over, making our ride bumpy and uncomfortable. Striving rather than being satisfied is much like that. Listen to the words of Agur in Proverbs 30. It is noted that his words are an oracle which is a burden that one is carrying or a divine utterance delivered to man, usually in answer to a request for guidance. Surely that latter definition fits here because Agur repeatedly asks God to help him because “he has not learned wisdom.” [Prov 30:3] That is a picture of one who humbly submits to God for guidance.

As the chapter progresses, we see his requests. He doesn’t want to strive for wealth because wealth can disappear in an instant. Instead, it is only through the words of God he will be purified. Agur advises others who are also facing similar situations that only God’s word is purified, tested, and proven genuine, just as Paul noted in  2Tim 3:16. The psalmist also recognized that. “Your instructions are totally reliable;” [Ps 119:160]. Finally, Agur also warns of adding to God’s divine inspiration. The Apostle John echoed those exact words in Rev 22:18.

This brings us to our question:  How is your ride today? Are you striving or satisfied with what God has given you? Do you seek God above all else?  

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