Prescription for the “blah days”

Psalm 86

Ps 86-88 We all have them; the blah days.  You may feel disheartened because of x,y, or z. You can’t seem to find your way out of this feeling. It just wraps its arms around you, and you just feel blah and wonder what is causing it.  Precious one, God knows and cares about your ups and downs. He knows you from the tips of your fingers to the tips of your toes. Who better to go to in times like this? 

The psalmist gives us his thoughts and advice. First and foremost, center your focus on God through prayer. Tell God how you feel and why. Be honest with God. Listen to the psalmist as he sorted his feelings out. God, You are patient, lovingly kind, and faithful. 

GOD, YOU ALONE ARE GOD! Make me wholeheartedly committed to you! [Ps 86:11]

This is how you get through those times we all experience from time to time. So when you feel like you are in the pits and facing the “one-two-three punch” day, follow these steps and find peace, reconciliation, and a renewed view of your circumstance.

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