Self Talk

Eccl 7-12 Solomon compares and contrasts the wise and the fool; from that, we can analyze our responses, and as the author of Proverbs, King Solomon has pondered this area of thought repeatedly. His wise principles are written for all of us to consider our ways.

The Preacher walks through his daily struggles by analyzing his choices. For example, he says it is better to receive a rebuke from those who are wise than to listen to the song of fools because fools laugh at calamity but do not change their ways. He also warns us to be careful of how we respond to oppression, for if we do not face it with calm resolve and patience; we may end up responding just like the fool!

To sum up, he reminds the reader that wisdom, like an inheritance, is good. The writer of James reminds the reader that one needs wisdom and should go and ask God to will provide just what is needed for the moment.

Self Talk: Am I wise or a fool today? How do I respond to challenges? When I face the end of my life, will I have done what has been wise? 

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