Let God take care of the Zophar’s

Let God take care of the Zophar's

Job 11-13 When you have friends like Zophar, who needs enemies!

Zophar is caustic and uncaring.  He thinks he is the expert and proceeds to tell Job that he is NOT!  With a friend like Zophar who needs enemies is an age-old saying that fits here.  Poor Job!  I can relate, and I am sure you can as well.  But, Job responds, I know I am blameless, and I will be vindicated.  That is the trait of a godly man who has walked with God for years and years.  They know about God, and they know God.  In fact, Job mentions something that Daniel also mentioned: God raises up and puts down men both in leadership and personally.

Is there a Zophar in your life?  Be bold to explain your walk with God to them, and even if they don’t change; it helps your mindset.  Job tells Zophar and the other listeners that this is his character trait. His question is why doesn’t he come and defend him?  Like us, we want affirmation that what we know is true is actually true.  So take heart you who have a Zophar in your life!  Hangest thou in there.  God may not answer you, but He reassures us in our spirit that we are indeed blameless. Let God take care of the Zophar’s in your life!

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