Eternity and Today

What will your dash reveal

Job 14-17

Job now shares what Solomon also said: God has placed eternity in the hearts of men. What will the dash between birth and death reveal when we face God? [Eccl 3:11NASB]

Eliphaz has listened to Job’s monologues, and in his impatience, he now steps forward to add his “2cents” to the conversation as they sit around the fire. His words are caustic and reveal his lack of spiritual maturity. He begins with, “Who do you think you are?” Men are abominable and filthy, and you think you are better than I am? Listen, do not trust in useless things, for they reap only futility.

Now, after listening, Job responds: you are miserable companions. Job says, if we could trade places, you might see life from my perspective. I was hoping you could open your eyes to see what is happening and where I am at the moment. But, even though I pour out my tears before you and God, I know this truth: if you pray for me instead of pouring out your scathing remarks, God will hear and respond.

Principle: We have but one life to live; what will the dash reveal in eternity about this life God has given to us? Secondly, Prayer is the answer to a person in grief, not scorn or charging them with sin. So may our words be few and pleasing in the sight of God. [Eccl 5:2]

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