Is God your Redeemer?

Stormy bullets

Job 18-20 God is My Redeemer

Although Bildad and Zophar continue on their way to distance themselves from Job’s righteousness in words, Job stands firm with one statement: I know that my Redeemer lives and at the last he shall stand on the earth.[Job 19:25-27] No matter the number of “word bullets” sent into his being, Job remains firm. Can we say the same when others are seeking to derail our faith?

Job also acknowledges the fact that when the time comes for his passing from this earth, skin has been destroyed, yet in my flesh, I will see God, whom I will see for myself, and whom my own eyes will behold, [Job 19:27]  That is a promise we can all exclaim and proclaim. Though our loved ones or we pass from this earth, we can know for certain that if we, like Job, are blameless in God’s sight, we will see God face to face.

Will you see God face to face beholding all of His glory or has Satan so blinded you that you cannot see His glory? [2 Cor 4:4] Ask God to reopen your eyes to see Him!

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