Leaders lead, Followers follow

Leaders lead, followers follow

1 Sam 21 The Lord’s Anointed

As a shepherd, David was tough. He took down lions and bears, and we are impressed, and King Saul was as well, especially when he took down the 9 ft giant, Goliath. Now we see a side of David that we have not seen before and it is the mark of a leader who recognizes God’s timing. David uses the circumstance in a cave to teach his followers what it means to lead and how followers should follow. Christ did the same in the NT when he told the disciples to follow Him and obey His commandments.

David and his men were hidden in a cave when Saul entered. Saul did not know that, but the men following David did. They wanted him to take advantage of the situation to destroy Saul. They essentially were saying did you forget what God told you;  “I will give your enemy into your hand?” But David refused because he recognized Saul as God’s chosen instrument, and it was not God’s timing.

God may put you in a leadership position, or He may choose to put you in a follower position. Either way, leaders are responsible for leading others both by example and by word. Followers are responsible for obeying even when they don’t agree or understand.

Do we take advantage of situations just because they seem convenient, or do we wait for God to lead us? 

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