Tangled Webs

Beware of deception

1 Sam. 17-20 King Saul needs a warrior to destroy the enemy, but he doesn’t think David is up to the task, so he dresses him as if he were a soldier. However, David is a shepherd and has never worn battle gear. He gives up the armor and kills that giant Goliath with his trusty slingshot and a stone. After that, Saul takes David into the palace, and there David ministers to him. However, life is not all that peaceful because Saul flies into a rage off and on. I bet you any money that he wished he was back with the sheep!

David and the son of Saul become BFFs, and they make a vow to care for one another no matter what. Now the people of the kingdom are looking more and more to David, not himself or Prince Jonathan; so, Saul seeks to deceive David by offering him wealth, the hand of his daughter, and freedom from taxation. Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we first set out to deceive.

What is our lesson to be learned here in this complicated story? There are deceivers around every bend of the road, be alert to them. Stay true to your humble beginnings, for even what is offered comes with a price.

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