God can use storms to get our attention…

Storms are just a distraction

Acts 27 and 28 End of the Journey

Paul has been waiting for over two years in a prison in Caesarea. He had appealed to Caesar, and the authorities had said, to Caesar, you shall go. But, unbeknownst to Paul, an adventure lay ahead that he could not have considered. How often do we start our day expecting nothing but fair winds and following seas, but then God intervenes. Like us, we would not have envisioned that God would bring a trial into our lives to test our faith and give us an open door to proclaim Jesus. Such was the case of Paul and the 276 prisoners on the ship setting sail for Rome.

As they set out, all is well, but soon a tempestuous wind arises to cause havoc and fear. Yet, Paul remained steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord. [1Cor 15:58] How about us when an unexpected trial arises? Are we steadfast? Are we immovable? Or are we, as James says, driven and tossed by the wind. [James 1:6] If so, then James says we are doubters and don’t expect God to provide answers and protection.

Paul’s journey ends finally after several months, in Rome, where he can share the gospel with many for two years. Some, like always believed, and some, like always, refuse to believe. No matter what, Paul provided the Truth, the Way, the Life of His master.

How about us?

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