Be the real deal

Colossians 1 to 4 The Real Deal

Today there are two new ways the enemy seeks our attention and change. One is the spammer who collects our data and phone numbers and calls us all day long! 🙁 The other is the porch pirate that takes what is ours with this motto: what is mine is mine and what is yours is mine as well. That means we need to be savvy and it isn’t just with things, it is with our worldview as well and in particular our salvation. But this is not new news!

The Colossians were saved but facing the onslaught of the worldview that one must “do this” and “do that” to be assured of their salvation. We have those same people today. Paul told the Colossians to BEWARE of their ways and it fits for us here in 2021.

What you are a Christian? Then you must not eat this, you must not drink that, you must be in the church every time the door is opened. Paul said those are just outward coverings to make others think you are a Christian. That is not what Christ wanted! He wanted you to put off the old deeds of your past and put on the new deeds of the believer and at the top of the list is LOVE! Don’t let others judge or cheat you out of your salvation by these false ideas and rules. 

This letter tells us that what the world uses to judge our salvation is just pretty window coverings and not the real deal. Is LOVE our highest priority? I hope it is and when others see us or question us, may they see that LOVE!

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