It is Time…

It is time

Ps 136 and 2Chron 6-7 God Calls—we follow.

Turned on a dime is a phrase we use to point to when all of life changes—in a moment in time. The Israelites point to Egypt as that point when all of life changed, and they began to follow God. Over and over they remind themselves of that moment. God called, and they followed. Centuries later, Jesus came; He called and said, “follow Me.” Some did, and their lives forever were changed; others ignored or refused, and they missed the greatest blessing ever. We call that a watershed moment in which they made a choice and their lives were forever changed. If you are a believer in Christ, you can point to that moment when all of your past was washed away as you crossed the Red Sea or the Jordan River. You heard God’s call, and you left your Egypt and followed God. You did it because His mercy endures forever. You did it because Egypt was a land of death, and following God meant life forever. 

Share with us your watershed moment when you chose to follow Jesus.

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