A Simple Method of Prayer

How to pray

2Chron 5 and 1Kings 8

 What kind of prayer do you offer when you sit before the Lord? Solomon covered all the bases as he prayed for himself and the nation, each time seeking God’s forgiveness. As he stood, he reminded God of the need for Him to see and heal.  He asked God to “respond favorably to your servant’s prayer and his request for help, O Lord my God. Answer the desperate prayer your servant is presenting to you today.” [1Kings 8] Is this how we pray for our families, our nation, and our leaders? Are our prayers desperate for God to work? Why not stop right now and read through Solomon’s prayer and insert your name, family, and nation and step back and see God’s cloud descend. Here’s a simple way to start your prayer: ACTS. A stands for adoration, C stands for confession, T stands for thanksgiving, and S stands for supplication.

As you close your prayer God’s cloud of blessing will be upon you and yours.

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