How do you face the death of a dream?

Dreams that die

1 Chron 17 Being quarantined to protect ourselves from the coronavirus has been a challenge for many. Some of us have had our dreams put on hold or even terminated. This might be a good time to ask God what He is doing. Does He have a different plan for your life?

King David had a vision or a dream. It came from a pure and humble heart. There was nothing wrong with David’s dream, and there may be nothing wrong with yours. But God wants us to dream with Him. Sometimes we share our dream with those closest to us, just as David shared his with the prophet Nathan. Nathan was excited and encouraged David to commence—but then God came to Nathan with a message for David. God was not only delaying the dream, but he also was not going to fulfill it. Hearing Nathan brought David to a point where he had to make some choices about how he should respond to the “death of his dream.”  He went in and sat before the Lord humbly. How we respond shows whether our dream was ours or His. Note this lesson; God didn’t take away David’s dream. Instead, God was saying; your dream is too small. I have bigger plans for you that you can’t even imagine just as the prophet Jeremiah told the Israelites. In a nutshell, God said: I have plans to prosper you and to give you a future filled hope. {Jer 29:11 author’s thoughts}

Don’t stop listening when God says no. He usually has something far greater or bigger than you can imagine.

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