“Praising God in Song”

1Chron 16 There are exciting and powerful nuggets in the OT.  For instance, the prayer of Jabez in 1Chron 4 and the prayer of Nehemiah are very similar. Check them out. Now in 1Chronicles, we have insight into the praise and worship of the Israelites. The author saved it as an example of our praise and worship.

If you take time to read this praise and worship hymn that David recorded for the people, you will see that the focus is on God, not “me.”  It seems that lately, many of our praise songs are touchy-feely in sharp contrast to this one in which God is extolled and honored. David asked Asaph to teach it and rehearse it. Some scholars think it was incorporated into the worship services from then on. When Paul tells us to speak to one another in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, could he have been thinking of this passage?

Note there is a reminder to sing, seek, and thank God.  David wanted the people to consider the wonder of God and to boast about his holy name. He wanted them to recall and remember what God had done. He wanted them to do it continually. In fact, if you read it from beginning to end, there are ten commands but only one request.

There are essential stories behind many of our favorite hymns. Do some research and learn about your favorite hymn. Then share what you found with us.

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