An ‘OUCH’ post!

More than once I have heard, I don’t need to tell anyone about Jesus. That’s the preacher’s job OR I don’t feel comfortable doing that OR I don’t know how.  Is that really the reason? Le’ts check those assumptions out.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty; let’s have a dialog. Let me ask you:  Are you ashamed of Jesus? Perhaps you wonder why I ask? I ask because the psalmist says we will tell the next generation about the Lord and his saving deeds and what he has accomplished. If you don’t tell what does that say? We can’t pass that job off onto the preacher or the missionary. It says “we” will tell. Jesus said to “go and tell.” Perhaps you counter back, well my faith is personal, I don’t share it, I just live it.  These two psalms remove those arguments! We are to tell the whole world about God’s saving grace. God says if we don’t tell, God will hold us accountable for lives who would have chosen Jesus had they heard.

The psalmist says to tell the next generation so that the truth will be shared beyond our lifetime.  We need to do that so they hear from our lips the truth of the gospel message. We also need to do that so that they will not be a stubborn and rebellious people, not committed to the Lord. But, more importantly, if we don’t share what does that say about our love for others? ps 22 and 78a telling good news priscilla du preez unsplash

Psalm 78:6 says to tell the next generation, and they, in turn, will tell the next generation about Jesus. If each generation carries on this tradition, imagine how many souls will hear the gospel? And in contrast, if we don’t tell, how many souls will enter a Christ-less eternity because we have failed in our responsibility?

Today I challenge you to tell someone about Jesus—OR


“For whoever is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of that person when he comes in his glory.” [ Luk 9:26]


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