Hope…a necessary element

Jeremiah 50-52 And So Jeremiah brings his book to a close…but… While listening to the lecture on Titus, the teacher made this observation: without hope, people are lost. Is that why God gave Jeremiah those words? “It is he who made the earth by his power, who established the world by his wisdom and by […]

What God has said, He will do

Is 13-15 There is hope…Keep Watching! During Israel’s troubles, God sends Isaiah with a message of hope to the nation of Israel. They had been or were to be in bondage from Babylon due to their sins of complacency. God used Babylon to serve Him in disciplining them, but they went above and beyond what […]

My Hope When I Fall…..

Mark ended his gospel message with hope but there was one disciple who still was lingering and wondering; Peter. Where is he emotionally, spiritually, physically at this time as he considers the possibilities of what may lie ahead? He recoiled at the memory of his courtyard experience where he had denied Jesus three times just […]