Childlike character

Matthew 18 Little Children

The disciples were trying to ascertain if they had the qualities to be the greatest in the kingdom. So, Jesus told them that they had to love as a child, and at the end of this dialog, he reminded them how one must forgive repeatedly. These are the qualities of humility.

He specifically called out the disciples when they argued about the greatest in the kingdom of God. With such bravado, they were like many who seek to humiliate another to make themselves seem greater. In doing so, they were seeking to turn the children away. He reminded them that it was a child’s humility that God was seeking, and the children were an example to them of this character quality.

God so disliked the way the disciples were acting that he said to them: unless you become like one of them, and if they caused one of them who believed in Him to sin, it would be better to have a millstone tied around their neck and thrown into the sea. These are weighty words!

So what is God saying to us by this dialog? He is saying that God observes our character. What does He see in us?

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