Keep your eye on the heavens!

Jer 49-50 Power Hungry? Watch out!

Babylon was chosen by God to discipline his children. Jeremiah and Ezekiel’s books tell us why and how it happened. But, just like the power-hungry adversaries in WWII, there will come a time when God says enough is enough. No more! God will raise an adversary to take down rich, power-hungry Babylon, which He did in WWII. We have seen it in politics, and we have seen it in the church, and we have seen it in families. God’s patience is long, but it comes to a point where He brings in the cavalry to save and return.

God is using Jeremiah to tell the people that they are experiencing battle fatigue but trust God, for the end is near. You will return to your homeland and rebuild. We wonder as we read this, do we take comfort in these words, or are we, too, experiencing battle fatigue because there seems to be no end in sight? The corruption seems to be unending, and there is no savior to bring peace. But Jesus reminded his followers, you will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but the end is not yet. I will return in the clouds to take you to My home in heaven.

Trust Him today!

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