Excellence? Diligence?

Jer 46-48 Those two words should be in our vocabulary every day! On this day some years back, my inlaws celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary! Those two words reflected their lives. Always their work was done with excellence, and they were diligent. Jeremiah reminds the reader that these are God’s characteristics. As His people, we should demonstrate those qualities to everyone. If we want God to bless, we must diligently pursue the kingdom and His righteousness.

Jer 48:10 says the one who does the work of the Lord negligently is the same as one who is cursed. it is the same as compromise when it comes to the Lord’s work. Those are weighty words.

Today the sin to avoid is doing less than required or doing it haphazardly. The command of the Lord is to do the work of the Lord steadfastly, as Paul says.

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