Hosea 1-4 Hosea is an example of what an obedient child of the living God does— even when he does not understand. God told Hosea to find a prostitute and marry her, but where does a godly man find such a girl? From the garbage dump, Hosea redeemed her and married her lavishing upon her riches untold, just as God did for us. Yet, even with all those precious gifts, Gomer walked away from Hosea and returned to the dump where the “pimp”/Satan found her and promised what he could not deliver. Gomer/Israel saw with her eyes but not her heart. She heard with her ears but failed to recall:  “I chose you out of many peoples and redeemed you for one reason: I loved you.

The Living God has a message for us in this story. Just as God promised to redeem us, so He redeemed Gomer/Israel. God wants a people to be a sweet aroma of Christ to the lost and dying world.  As Hosea paid the price for her redemption, Christ paid our redemption price willingly out of love. 

Are you more like Hosea or Gomer? Are you redeemed?

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