God’s Invitation Deserves a Response

2 Kings 18, 2 Chron 29-31, Ps 48 When you hear the word consecration, what comes to mind? It means to dedicate oneself to the work of the Lord, and that is what Hezekiah chose to do. As a result of this obedience to God, he was a righteous king, and the nation was also blessed. All the years Hezekiah was king, the nation was at peace.

One of the acts of Hezekiah was to reinstitute the Passover and invite all of the nation to attend.
He sent messengers with invitations as far north as Zebulun. But much like the people in Jesus’ parable in Luke 14:15-24, the people responded, ” Sorry, but I have work to do that cannot wait, ” followed by, “Please excuse me.” In addition, many mocked and ridiculed the messengers. Those who chose to come were blessed beyond measure, and those who scoffed missed that richest time of blessing.

God is pleased when we consecrate ourselves to His way and His work, and the contrast is also true. Will you consecrate yourself to the Lord and His work? Will you accept His invitation?

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