Pray for your children.

1Chron 19:19 David as the earthly king of Israel is near the end of his life, and because of that, he leaves a legacy of prayer for his son, who will reign after him. As part of his lasting legacy, he offers a prayer for his son Solomon and his words reveal his heart and teaches us how we, too, are to pray for our children.

  “Make my son Solomon willing to obey your commands, rules, and regulations, and to complete building the palace for which I have made preparations.” [1 Chron 29:19]

We can incorporate three parts of David’s prayer into our own prayers for our children. (1) “make” means that Solomon needed not just a heart but also a mind; (2) a willingness to obey God; (3) endurance to complete the task set before them. 

Children need molding and training, and they need Christ as their maker. May we pray this way today for our children. Am I praying this for my son, my granddaughter, and my godchildren?

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