Our Crazy Mixed-Up World…

Psalm 40 Our world is a confusing place at times. There are those who call evil good and good evil. [Is 5:20] They substitute lies for the truth and expect us to accept it readily. If we challenge that thinking, they slander us. Yet, this is true: God is God, and there is none to compare to Him. He is a redeemer and savior. He is our helper and deliverer. Therefore we can pray with all boldness; do not delay, O my God! [Ps 40:17] Further, we can pray: “Give heed to my prayer.” [Ps 61:1] He is our refuge and our tower of strength against those who rail at us, saying, “there is no God.”  The psalmist wrote that only fools say such a thing.

But, because of those attributes and more, we can say He is my rock, salvation, and stronghold; therefore, I shall not be shaken. [Ps 62:1-2]

So today, as you wander about on the internet and see the articles written by God deniers, cling to what you know is true and let God handle their wickedness. The Lord be magnified!

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