Do Not Delay…

 Psalm 32: The Blessed Man

Sin or wrongdoing is a part of our everyday life. We sin because our first parents sinned, and just like our DNA is passed on, so is our sin. God knows we are but men made of clay. [Ps 103:14] It is because of God’s love that we are forgiven, and our sin is washed away. However, there is a warning here in this chapter. When we refuse to acknowledge our sin it affects our whole body. [Ps 32:3] When that happens, God sends us His discipline because He wants us back in a right relationship with Him.

The psalmist reminds the reader that we should pray and seek God’s forgiveness “while there a window of opportunity.” [Ps 32:6]  The psalmist is warning the reader of this truth; if we delay in seeking His forgiveness, He might remove that opportunity. If that is your case, do not delay, get right with God now. Stop saying tomorrow but say today, I will seek the favor of God and seek His cleansing. Then you will be blessed just as the man in Psalm 1 is! He is blessed because he delights in the law of the Lord, and he meditates on it day and night.

Where are you precious reader?

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