Choose wisely, pray continuously

Ps 1-2, 15, 22-24, 47 God Blessings~
Psalm 1 is a clear presentation of what God desires for all mankind. The psalmist pictures those who are righteous and those who are unrighteous. He uses three words to describe them: wicked, sinners, and scoffer, reminding us to choose our relationships wisely. If we want God to bless us we must not walk, stand or sit in the paths of these three individuals. That means we must choose wisely our friendships and our mates.

Some people say I have given up on God, and I don’t believe what the Bible says. How do we handle that? They may have given up on God, but God has not given up on them. So until they take their last breath, I should not either! My prayer for them is that each day, each moment, they might see the work of God in their life in some way and become righteous, pure, and believing.

Who is on my heart today that fits the Ps 1 category and needs my prayers?

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