God Never Changes

God never changes

Job 24-28 Yesterday is but a memory; today will be what God has planned for us in eternity past. Are we watching to see Him at work? Yesterday the hand of God was upon us in all we did and all we said. Our responses show us what we believe about Him. Today we walk through life not knowing what it will bring, but we can rely on: God knows. So why do we fluster about each day?

Job is an example. He continues to exalt God in the biggest challenge of his life. He clings to this truth; God does not change; therefore, he is trustworthy. “God is not a man that he should change.” [Num 23:19] God has been and will be with him in the good and the bad because He draws the mighty with his power.   

We can cling to those facts and not give in to the ways of those who question our righteousness. We can echo the words of Job when questioned: I will not speak like the wicked; I will leave the judgment of my heart to God and him alone. I will cling to my integrity.[Job 27:4]

Take a page from Job’s diary and record your responses to today’s circumstances come. Ask yourself, am I clinging to what I know about God and His character?  

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