The Sad State of the Hypocrite


Job 21-23 If there is one sin that God hates more than any other, it is this: hypocrisy. A hypocrite has the form of godliness without power. But, strangely enough, both Eliphaz and Job agree on certain points. First, both agree that a hypocrite’s elation or joy is brief and lasts only a moment. [Job 20:5] Paul warned Timothy about hypocrisy. Beware; they have the appearance of religion but will have repudiated/denied its power. [2Tim 3:5] Job and Eliphaz agree on that point.

Secondly, the hypocrite will be revealed in the heavens when they stand before a holy, righteous God. But, here on earth, while they have life, they masquerade as godly, but God knows what is in their heart. They want God to depart from them; they do not desire the knowledge of God’s ways. [Job 21:14] As my neighbor said before his death, I never needed God in this life; I don’t need him in death. That is the most accurate picture of hypocrisy.

Thirdly, they think in their minds that God is “out to get them.” He watches to catch them in their sin and stores away a man’s iniquity for his sons. [Job 21:19] It is because of that faulty logic that they say the God of the OT is cruel while He is kind in the NT. 

Hypocrisy is a sin, so be wise, be discerning because this is true: You can be sure your sin [your hypocrisy] will find you out  [Num. 32:23]

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