Salvation by faith alone

The gospel

Acts 15 The Hornet’s Nest

One of the ways the enemy of the church works is to infiltrate and not teach sound doctrine. His plan is to seek, kill and destroy. He seeks out the believers and kills them with false ideas and philosophy, thus destroying their confidence in their salvation. In Antioch, the pharisaical Jews from Jerusalem decided to come unannounced and stirred up a hornet’s nest by saying a requirement for salvation was not heart circumcision but outward circumcision. 

Paul was well aware of Satan’s tactics, having walked this road when as an unbelieving Pharisee, he had also sought to destroy the church. So, after much debate and no resolution, the church sent Paul and Barnabas off to Jerusalem. Along the way, they preached to other Gentile groups the true message of salvation: we are saved not by works of righteousness but on the basis of God’s mercy. [Titus 3:5]. 

After much listening and debate, the Council finalized this truth: salvation is by God’s mercy, not outward works. James, as the leader, wrote a letter outlining what was needed; abstain from worshiping idols, sexual immorality, and don’t eat meat incorrectly killed.

Satan will seek any way he can to destroy. Only believe, and you will be saved. [Rom 10:13] Be on guard, for he seeks to keep us from seeing the truth; salvation is by faith and faith alone. [Eph 2:8,9]

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