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Acts 6-9 Imagine being in Jerusalem at the time of this book and how Christianity influenced people’s lives. As our resident reporter, Dr. Luke, tells about the happenings. Who would have thought that discrimination would take place in this environment, but it did. The Hellenist Greek women felt discriminated against. What goes around comes around. The news is still the same today. Then the church chose the first deacons because of the discrimination. 🙁

Next, Dr. Luke tells the tragic tale of the stoning of Stephen and how he asked God to forgive them. So sad to read this, but what a powerful reminder to forgive our enemies just as he did. 🙂

Dr. Luke then turns to Philip’s life. He was one of the deacons that came about from the discrimination suit. He left Jerusalem to go to Samaria, and many came to salvation as he preached the crucified, risen Christ. When the apostles heard about this, they sent Peter and John to check it out. Many had received salvation but not the Spirit, so Peter and John laid hands on them, and the Holy Spirit came on them. Wonder why Philip didn’t do that. That is a story for eternity, I guess. 😉

Next, Dr. Luke shared about the miracle on the desert road. God sent Philip to teach an Ethiopian eunuch and then the miracle of Philip’s disappearance! I wonder how that eunuch handled that! Wow! Later we will find Philip in Caesarea 20 yrs. later and see that he has four prophesying daughters.

And these are just the headlines! Go and read it for yourself! 🙂

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