After the Tomb

The coming of the Holy Spirit

Acts 1-2 Peter references the empty tomb as proof of the deity of Christ. Peter proclaimed: “our forefather David, that he both died and was buried, and his tomb is with us to this day. “[Acts 2:29] Mohammed is in his tomb as are Buddha and others, but where is Christ? He is in the heavens sitting at the right hand of God. If ever there was proof of Christ as the Son of God, it is that. “This Jesus God raised up, and we are all witnesses of it.” [Acts 2:32] Christ lived, was crucified, buried in a rich man’s tomb, which could not hold him, and He was raised on the 3rd day just as He said. And any who call upon His name will be saved. [Acts 2:21]

Then, just as Jesus promised, the Holy Spirit arrived and anointed the disciples with extraordinary power both in word and deed. When God sends the Holy Spirit to anoint us, we are also given His power in word and deed, but it is up to us to proclaim that power to a lost and dying world. Hearing the gospel and seeing the anointed power of the Holy Spirit, people are without excuse. [Rom 1:20]

Where has the Holy Spirit anointed you? Are you allowing Him to do His work in and through you?

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