Rewards and Grace

Grace is what we do not deserve

Matt 20 As we move through life, we seem to think we deserve this or that. In reality, we deserve nothing, for we are a part of the evil and adulterous generation, as Jesus said to a listening audience. But, when God’s grace appeared, and we accepted that grace as our salvation, we were given far more than we deserved. We all deserve the wrath of God, but Christ came to pay our sin penalty. Why, then, are we jealous when we see others gain more notoriety or more fame, or rewards? We deserve hell, but we have been given grace. That is the point of the parable Jesus was teaching. He revealed the true heart issue is one of jealousy, not gratefulness. 

When we enter heaven’s gate, we will be placed in line to receive our rewards. Some behind us will have received God’s grace millennia ago, while others are standing before us, having accepted Christ on their deathbed and had no service, just like the thief on the cross. He did not belong to a church, had no baptism experience, and did no service in Christ’s kingdom, but Christ told him, today you will be with me in Paradise.

Today may we be grateful for every avenue of service God has given us and every reward, whether it be little or plenty.

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