Servant or Pharisee?

hypocrite or truthteller

Matt 23 Are you a detailed person like Matthew who didn’t miss a jot or tittle? Being a tax collector, he observed the happenings of the Pharisees and the Sadducees. They were often at odds, but he noted they were on the same page regarding “this” Jesus. He listened and took note of what they said and what they did. Jesus also took notice and told his listeners to do as they said but not as they did because they did not practice what they taught. Instead of being an example of righteousness, they hypocritically dressed in their religious finery and listened for others to call them Rabbi because they wanted recognition for their title.

It was because of this hypocrisy that Jesus pronounced seven woes upon them. First, they were locking people out of God’s kingdom, saying that they could only earn entrance into heaven with multiple deeds. Second, Jesus reminded them that works do not save but only faith. Third, they also wanted others to serve them, forgetting that the greatest among men is one who is a servant. Therefore, God would hold them accountable for their hypocrisy.

Do you yearn for someone to call you by your title rather than as a servant? May we be servants, not Pharisees.

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