God’s Cast of Characters

The cross of Jesus

Matt 26-28 Matthew’s bird’s eye view of the last days in the life of Christ gives us a window into the cast of characters of God’s drama. Each reveals to us where we were or are in our walk. First are Caiaphas and Judas, the ultimate rejecters of God’s grace. Both saw, heard, and experienced God’s love in some way. Jesus reminded Caiaphas, I was in the Temple teaching daily, and you did nothing. Yet, each rejected Jesus and joined the rich man in Torments crying for a drop of water to cool their tongue. [Luke 16:19-31] They had the prophets of old, the miracles, yet they chose Hell rather than Heaven.

The character of Peter is like the many that make a profession of faith, but their seed was sown in the rocky soil and floundered when the trials of life came. Yet when questioned, Peter did not hesitate but responded truthfully, Lord, you know I love you and was restored. [John 21:15-19]

Lastly are Joseph of Arimathea and the women at the tomb. All served behind the scenes in quiet faith. Their humility and quiet faith are an example to us of how to handle the tests of life. They rose to the occasion and passed the test of faith, and they are recorded in the halls of the faithful.

Where are you/am I in the cast of characters? Which one reflects your/my walk? Are you like Caiaphas and Judas? If so, today is the day of salvation; call upon His name and be saved.

I wish I could say I am more like Joseph and the women, but honestly, I am more like Peter.

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