Now or Later?

Which describes you

Mark 1-3 Mark as a protege of Peter, has given us a way to see real life for Jesus. His two favorite words are “immediately” and “multitudes.” He fast-tracks the life of Jesus from synagogue to synagogue and from town to town. In each one, Jesus never stayed put for very long but “immediately” served and moved on. Jesus moved from the river to the wilderness, then to the city proper, where he preached and taught in the synagogues. He knew his time was short, and he needed to accomplish much before God would call him to give his one last service, which was to give his life as a ransom for many.

Those He called also “immediately” left all and followed Jesus. How do I see my time here on earth? Do I know I must “immediately” serve, or do I procrastinate for another day? Mark opens our hearts to see that there is only a short time to accomplish the Father’s work and bring about the good news of salvation to all people. Are we ready for the journey of a lifetime? Are we prepared to step out and change our culture? Let’s go and “immediately” begin the work He has prepared and called us to do.

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