Left Behind.

Telling about what God has done

Mark 4-6 Some years ago, a series called Left Behind told about those who were left when the Rapture happened. The story is spellbinding and leaves one to stop and consider what might happen if Jesus should return.

When Jesus entered Gadera, he found a demon-possessed man who spoke to Jesus and called him the Son of God. Demons controlled the man, but Jesus controlled the demons. The demons knew Jesus could send them into torments, but he sent them into unclean pigs to prove that he had the power of life and death. The pigs were “slain” in the water rather than at the fire spit, which would have been an illustration of hell. How gracious was our Lord!

Jesus spoke a word, and the demons were gone, and the man was transformed—instantly! The former demoniac wanted to join Jesus and the band of disciples. Instead, Jesus told the man to “go and tell,” what great things God had done for him. Are we telling others of our transformation from being controlled by Satan to being controlled by the Holy Spirit? We are the people who are left behind to go and tell. 

We are the “left behind” not because we missed something, but because we have story to tell! Who will you tell about your transformation today?

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