The Heart

Do you honor God only with lips?

Mark 7 The religious leaders were intent on being perfect before men and before God. Their intent was good, but their practice was fraught with pride. They were insistent on how they were to wash their hands before taking in food, and today we, too, wash before eating—however, they thought this practice is what made them holy.¬†They thought works led to salvation, but nothing could be further from the truth.¬†Works are an evidence, but only faith saves. (Eph 2:8-9; James 2:17-18) It was again a reminder of what He had said earlier; you study the scripture because, in them, you think you have eternal life, but these same scriptures testify of me. [Jn 5:39]

Jesus then lists what did defile. The list causes us to judge our hearts about what we say and then do.  Christ said that defilement begins in the human heart, which is deceitfully wicked, and only God can know it. [Jer 17:9] As you read this list in Mark 7, allow the Holy Spirit to penetrate and judge where you are spiritually and practically; otherwise, we honor God with our lips, but our heart is far from Him. [Is 29:13]

Today I had to take time to do a self-evaluation of my heart and actions. How about you?

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