Wilderness Laps

still looking or wandering

Matthew 16-19 When the Lord teaches us a lesson, we often forget it. It is then that He sends us around the wilderness, so to speak, to re-learn it. Some of us “get it,” and others are still out there wandering like the Pharisees and Sadducees who are blind and leading the blind into the pit. They came seeking a sign, not just any sign, but they wanted a sign from heaven. Even today, people want to have a sign that Christianity and God are authentic. Some read the Bible but say it is too hard, so they put it down and walk away. Others say I will read the Bible when I find the true one. Others ignore and go on their merry way, not realizing that their destiny hangs in the balance. Jesus rightly pronounced that it is a wicked and adulterous generation that seeks for a heavenly sign. [Matt 16:4]

Blessed reader, God has given us His Word to be read and understood. It is hoped that you are doing just that each day. Otherwise, you may find yourself wandering in the wilderness lap after lap after lap.

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