Facade or True?

Be silent

Habakkuk 1-3 God called Habakkuk to share God’s plans for His children as they lived and wallowed in their sins. Would they repent, or would they suffer the consequences of their sins? God revealed His plans that they might know—even if they didn’t understand. How gracious is our God!

Habakkuk was disturbed that God would use the evil Chaldeans to discipline His children, but when push comes to shove, that was needed to get their attention. God does the same with us. If you won’t listen and parade around with a facade of holiness, but your heart is unrepentant, then God will reveal true wickedness through persecution. But, beware of saying you are persecuted when you are just using that as a coverup for disobedience. [Matt 5:10]

Three things Habakkuk learned from this interaction with God. One is that we can come boldly before His throne and voice our questions, and He will answer! Secondly, only the just will live by faith. Thirdly, God is still in charge and at work.

Am I standing on the wall with Habakkuk watching and listening for His voice, or am I just walking around with the mask of holiness, but if removed, it would reveal my hypocrisy of false holiness?

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