Listen Up!

Are you silent before God?

Zephaniah 1-3 The rich and famous dress, talk and move accordingly to the ways of that circle. Zephaniah was in that circle because of his lineage but not of that circle. He could have used that to gain introductions to the movers and shakers, but instead, he listened to God and spoke His message about their sin. However, his message fell flat, and perhaps he even heard; you can’t really believe that. What universe are you from? Don’t you know “The Lord neither rewards nor punishes?” [Zephaniah 1:12] But, Zephaniah’s total message was “be silent before the Sovereign Lord.” [Zephaniah 1:7] hoping that some would stop this life on the merry-go-round and seek God’s way. They found it hard to understand that he was a believer because he didn’t fit with their idea of success.

God used Zephaniah to describe the Day of the Lord, yet their hearts were hard, and they responded to the truth of God with delay, disregard, and dismay. Like some today, they couldn’t believe that “one of their own” could believe in a God who is sovereign. So, they disregarded his words and his warning to repent. They only saw a God of love and failed to realize that God is holy and cannot live with sin. They fail to realize that God is looking for His remnant of believers.

Who are you speaking to today that needs this message, and will you be strong like Zephaniah?

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