Be Vigilant–there are enemies!

Be vigilant for there are enemies around

Judges 1-4 Enemies and Vigilance  

Just as in Israel, we face enemies in our nation and in our own lives. Unfortunately, we are much like the children of Israel; we don’t heed the warnings. God had left the enemies in the land to test them to see if they would obey Him but when the leader died, so did their resolve. We see that in our nation today.

They had four sins that kept them from receiving the blessing of God, and we have those same four sins: disobedience to the Word of God, idolatry, intermarriage of believers/non-believers, and not heeding their leaders.

Many attend and fill the pews of false teachers who do not challenge men/women/children to repent and seek His way. We have idols of TV and materialism, and we are comfortable with them. Believers marry non-believers thinking they can “change” them when they marry but instead, we have fractured families and children who are confused; what or whom do I believe and trust? We do not heed our righteous leaders; rather, we have leaders who support abortion and infanticide.

When the enemies came upon them and overtook them, they cried out to the Lord for a deliverer, do we cry out?  We must be vigilant for our enemies are prowling around seeking who can be devoured.

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