What is my excuse?

Where would I be

Joshua 16-18 The excuses we use to not move forward are many. The descendants of Joseph came to Joshua complaining that the land they had was not enough. So they came to him for permission to have more land, and he agreed that what they said was true. He said go and conquer the land, yet they hesitated. They claimed that the north was wooded, and the Canaanites there had chariots of iron, etc. Joshua challenged them to move forward and claim the land, clear the forest and plant their families there, but they continued to hesitate. They did not conquer but forced the Canaanites to do hard labor.

Today we live in neighborhoods where there are Canaanites or unbelievers who have not heard the gospel message because like these tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim, we list the excuses why we cannot conquer them for Jesus. The excuses are like those of the descendants of Joseph; they have chariots of iron, they are strong, they have x, y, z. Today, our excuses range from being busy, having their own houses of faith, and being the “garage people” coming and going, but we never see them.

Who in my neighborhood is facing an eternity without Christ? What excuse am I using to keep from claiming them for Him? Jesus said, “go and make disciples.” [Matt 28:19-20]. Where am I am not going?

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