The Last…

tribute to Moses

Deut. 32-34 “Last…”

There are five sets of “lasts” in these chapters. Moses’ “last” song to Israel to remind them of God’s choosing them and blessing them. There are the “last” words of blessing on each tribe lest they forget that God had chosen them and placed upon them His task of leading the nation. Then Moses’ “last” view of the nation and the Promised Land. And so obediently Moses climbed Mt. Nebo and he and God had one “last” time together before he took his “last” breath. And so the book of Deut. comes to an end with great sadness because there will never be another Moses who spoke to God face to face and was given great mighty power as a “mover and shaker” of heaven’s power to lead the nation of Israel.

As we ponder all of these “lasts” what will ours be when God says it is time for us to die. Will we have a song to share, a blessing to bestow, and a view of loved ones’ faces? What will it be like? Are we even now preparing for that time?

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