Hypocrisy Stinks!

Am I a hypocrite

Mark 7, Matt 15 “Rules of Men and Rules of God”

We are caught up in men’s rules: do thus and so because if you don’t, you won’t reach heaven. Martin Luther was caught in that vicious cycle. When he was at the Vatican, he crawled on his knees in penance. Later, he would read in Romans: “The righteous by faith will live.” [Rom 1:17] From that point on, he lived not by the rules of the church and the hierarchy but by the very word of God.

Where am I caught up in the do’s and don’t’s of the world, religious leaders, and the church? Jesus caustically said to the Pharisees: ‘you are hypocrites!’ because they had determined that if one wanted to be “clean,” they had to wash themselves, their utensils, and their clothing a certain way. Jesus said you know God looks at the heart, not on your outward duties. God says to honor your parents, but you say otherwise. You set aside that money that would help them, but you call it “Corban,” which means sacred; a gift, or offering consecrated to God. Which do you think is more important to God?

How do I pierce the heart of God? When I say “I love you, God,” but my actions say otherwise.

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