Are You Living a Facebook Life?

God's Word is eternal

Numbers 14/Psalm 90 We live in an instant gratification society which is evidenced by the amount of time we spend on Facebook. Somehow we feel that we can post something and go off to do other things and return later to see how others responded. The truth of the matter is that our Facebook posts last but for a moment in time. If you click off and return to the post you were reading, it might be there, but more often, it has disappeared into cyberspace.

God gave the Israelites a promise of land filled with honey and sent twelves spies to check his truthfulness. Ten of the spies sent to scout out the Promised Land were living as if their life was like FB! Their words show they had forgotten the beauty and God’s promises entirely. Their report was “yes…but” and brought eternal consequences. Only Joshua and Caleb lived to tell about it for 40 yrs.

Psalm 90 reminds us of the permanence of God and the frailty of men. The psalmist’s words are clear: “So teach us to consider our mortality, so that we might live wisely” Also, pray that what we do is successful so that one day we will hear “well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

 Are you living a FB life today? Are you preparing to end well?

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