The Antidote to Complaining

Be ye grateful

Numbers 11 Are you a complainer? Complaining is another way of saying we are ungrateful. The Israelites had left Egypt with an abundance of materials of gold and silver and leaders that led them faithfully. Yet, the people began to be weary and with weariness began complaining. Complaining is like a plague; it infects the whole lot.

Complaining only selectively remembers the past. The Israelites began to recall the past of their lives in Egypt. Complaining is Satan’s favorite tool. He offers the sweet without the sour. He taints our memory to say it was not so bad. He wants you to remember the glory without the ugliness. That is Satan’s tool. It is what we call the selective memory syndrome. Your memory only remembers the good, and glorifies the bad. These Israelites began to think slavery was not so bad after all and began to remember the delicious foods that were abundant.  Like them, we forget the ugliness of our sin and forget the price Jesus paid to release us from that sin. Beware of Satan’s tools; don’t fall into his trap and begin to whine with the “oh, woe is me” prayer.  

The next time you feel a complaining infection setting in, go to God. Seek His face, seek his forgiveness for your complaining and then watch Him work.  

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