Be Thou my Guide O thou great Jehovah

Psalm 31-33, Is God silent in your life right now? If you think he is, then you have missed the spiritual markers of his character in the OT, such as in these three psalms. Beloved,

Read the OT to learn about His character..

Read to learn about His heart.

Read to learn about yourself.

David is in, as we say, a “whole heap of trouble.” His path seems strewn with the foes that are on his trail. He needs to find safety and security and so he turns to God because he knows and trusts Him.  He knows that God is his protector. He believes God to be his stronghold, where he can be safe!

Like David, others may see us as worthless and empty like a broken jar, but God sees us through His eyes.  He looks carefully. His eye is as much on the sparrow as it is on us. Therefore, we can trust Him.  Kings come and go, warriors are strong for only a season, horses can only deliver as the horseman guides. But, God is sovereign; He is strong. He is our deliverer. Wait on Him. He knows the path we should take. It is in Him that we find peace and contentment, safety, and security. Pray as David prayed: Guide us this day.

William Williams penned these words:

Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah; pilgrim through this barren land. I am weak but you are mighty, hold me with your powerful hand.

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