Thunderstorms…Majesty and Grace

Psalm 29 Thunderstorms here in Texas are something to behold, but imagine if you were out in the wilderness with David and his sheep. David saw the power of the lightning and heard the power of the thunder. In a thunderstorm, we can see the trees sway under the control of the wind and the clouds race across the sky.   How far is the storm? They say you can count between the thunder and the lightning to know. The storm comes with power, and then as quickly as it happens, it recedes to the quiet and the fresh rain saturates the ground. As David sat out on the hillside with his sheep, he may have chosen this time of reflection about God.  Perhaps as he was sitting with the sheep, he reflected and recorded these words for us.

Truly God is majestic; He is sovereign, He is mighty. His voice is so powerful it can shatter the most towering cedar in Lebanon. He allows us a glimpse of His majesty in the thunder and lightning. And often God allows us to see the rainbow as a reminder of His grace. When the storm subsides, we are left to hear the quiet and smell the odor of the freshness it brings.

It is in the quiet we should stop and give Him praise for His protection, and acknowledge Him as Lord God Almighty, the one who is sovereign overall.

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