Come Apart with Me…

Our world is reeling and in disarray. Our souls have been revealed and we are found wanting. Yet in all of this God is still there, waiting on us to come to Him that He may teach us about Himself and about who we are..

Psalm 24-27 King David is the writer of many of the psalms. David’s prayers are an open window to learn about God, His attributes, and His ways. Through his eyes, we are given prayers to a holy God that demands holiness. Again David introduces us to the lessons of how to wait for His answers. We become acquainted with His character and His ways of blessing those who are humble. If we really want to know God, we must fear him both literally and figuratively. Then you can, like David, say “one thing I have asked of the Lord, one thing I seek…”

What is the one thing you seek?

Warren Wiersbe says that this is the first time God is referred to as “light.” Jesus came and said “I am the Light of the World.”

One thing David reminds us is that God is God, and there is none like him. He will protect us and conceal us from the enemies around us. God is immutable—that is, He does not change. He is the same yesterday as he is today, as he will be tomorrow. 

God’s character shines through David’s prayers. We learn of His righteousness, His discipline, His lovingkindness. We learn that if we are patient, God will come to us to respond to our needs.

BUT….We cannot know God unless we are reading His love letter to us. 

What has God revealed to you this day?

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