Psalm 34-36 In times like this what or who is your anchor?

Anchors only work if they are digging deep into the earth. They must dig in and then hold the ship. Right now, just like David, we are in a battle and we need a strong anchor. One thing he knew is that “In times like these you need a Savior. In times like these you need an anchor, Be very sure, be very sure your anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock!   This Rock is Jesus, Yes He’s the One.”

Where do you find peace? Where do you go in times of danger or crisis?

Just like the words of the hymn, David’s anchor was the Lord. He wrote: I sought the Lord, and when I sought him, he answered and delivered me from all my fears. God’s ministering angels came and encamped around me. This one thing I know: The Lord hears the cries of the godly, He is near to the brokenhearted, and when I am discouraged, I can trust that God will be my deliverer. Isaiah also knew, “You keep completely safe the people who maintain their faith…for they trust in you.”

The world would have us look everywhere but to the Lord. Have you tried other ways? Is Christ your anchor?

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